Life fitness Battle Rope Workout

Primal Fitness

Front core Jump Lift Open chain Power
About this workout

Battle ropes are an easy piece of kit to use and very versatile. This workout will really get your shoulders and arms burning, the waves and slams get your heart and lungs burning too.

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Exercises in this workout

Exercise Duration
1 Jumping jacks 00:32
2 Hip toss 00:33
3 Lateral shoulder raise forwards 00:31
4 Burpee slams 00:31
5 Shuffle waves 00:33
6 Side waves 00:37
7 One arm plank circle waves left anti clockwise 00:31
8 Waves with lat lunge 00:30
9 Rope pulls above head down 00:33
10 Bent over Rope pulls towards the body 00:33
11 Battle rope low squat alternating arm lifts up and down 00:33
12 Battle rope double arm lifts up and down 00:33
13 Battle rope alternating arm lifts up and down 00:34
14 Battle rope alternate arm lifts up and down with alternating reverse lunge 00:35