20 Minute Battlebag Workout

Chris Cooke

Circuit Training Front core Lift Upper body Open chain
About this workout

This is a great workout for the whole body legs, arms and core as a beginner introduction o using the battlebag piece of equipment.

$5.99USD /month (billed annually)
$49USD /month (billed monthly)

Exercises in this workout

Exercise Duration
2 low bent over row 00:31
3 Lift and shoulder press 00:36
4 Bicep curl 00:32
5 Burpee and shoulder press 00:34
6 Floor to full extension 00:32
7 Lift and press rotations alternate 00:35
8 Bentover Row 00:33
9 Alternating shoulder circle arm swings 00:33
10 Alternate reverse lunge and extension 00:36
11 Transverse lunge front and back combination with rotation left (150702059) 00:38
12 Transverse lunge back left leg with rotation left (150702058) 00:17
13 Transverse lunge front left leg with rotation left (150702057) 00:16
14 Transverse lunge back right leg with rotation right (150702050) 00:43
15 Transverse lunge back left leg with press left (150702040) 00:49