Chris Cooke

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Chris Cooke
I have always had a love of playing sport, to keeping fit, healthy, running and going to the gym, I then wanted to help others, so early on I qualified as a fitness instructor. To then becoming a Faster Global trainer and now with over 28 years Personal Training experience I bring a wealth of success stories with clients to people like you. I have trained women who wanted to drop a dress size within only 12 weeks prior to their wedding to looking so good they had to change their whole dress. Numerous golfers have improved their golf game and reduced their handicap, with my guidance increasing their movement and better nutrition giving them more control and power over their shots and more energy to be sustained over the full 18 holes. Some clients who have struggled with weight issues for years until i helped them to drop over 4 stone in weight to people who just want to complete their first 5k Park Run. Whatever it is you would want to achieve i can help you along the way to getting there. With a friendly no nonsense approach to training, i make things easy to understand and simple to do. I can help whether it is purchasing some home fitness equipment or putting together healthy nutritional meal options that are tasty and easy to make. So what are you waiting for, sign up now for a free trial and lets make working out fun!


Full of energy and a real passion for everything health and fitness

What to Bring

Bags of enthusiasm and a willing to learn lots of new things.