Strength workout 1.0

Krissy Hartigan

Core Lift Open chain Power Press
About this workout

Grab your dumbbells and lets go! As many rounds possible!

$5.99USD /month (billed annually)
$49USD /month (billed monthly)

Exercises in this workout

Exercise Duration
1 Woodchop low left to high right 00:33
2 Woodchop low right to high left 00:33
3 Alternating squat thrusts x5 & right arm row 00:36
4 Alternating squat thrusts x5 & left arm row 00:33
5 Squat with left overhead dumbell press & internal rotation, with left knee raise 00:32
6 Squat with right overhead dumbell press & internal rotation, with right knee raise 00:30
7 Squat jumps with shoulder flys 00:36
8 Squat jumps with 90 degree turn 00:31
9 Wall sit shoulder flys right sagittal left frontal 00:31
10 Alternating lunge jumps with dumbell bicep curls 00:29