Multi Equipment Body Blast

Primal Fitness

Lift Lunge Lunge back Open chain Whole body
About this workout

A multi equipment workout. Become familiar with the kettlebell, grip bags, core bags and battle rope. this is great workout that will tax your energy systems.

Exercises in this workout

Exercise Duration
1 Lunge back and kick left leg with right arm sand bag raise 00:34
2 Lunge back and kick right leg with left arm sand bag raise 00:33
3 Battle rope alternating arm lifts up and down 00:34
4 Battle rope low squat alternating arm lifts up and down 00:33
5 Battle rope double arm lifts up and down 00:33
6 Battle rope alternate arm lifts up and down with alternating reverse lunge 00:35
7 Battle rope arm circles internal rotation 00:33
8 Battle rope arm circles external rotation 00:32
9 Wide stance squats with corebag 00:35
10 Squat, bicep curl & shoulder press with corebag 00:47
11 Alternating lunge back, external rotation with corebag 00:33
12 Single arm chest press right 00:32
13 Single arm chest press left 00:31
14 Turkish get ups Right 00:41
15 Turkish get ups left 00:47