Multi Equipment Body Blast

Primal Fitness

Lift Lunge Lunge back Open chain Whole body
About this workout

A multi equipment workout. Become familiar with the kettlebell, grip bags, core bags and battle rope. this is great workout that will tax your energy systems.

$39.99HKD month

Exercises in this workout

Exercise Duration
1 Lunge back and kick left leg with right arm sand bag raise 00:34
2 Lunge back and kick right leg with left arm sand bag raise 00:33
3 Battle rope alternating arm lifts up and down 00:34
4 Battle rope low squat alternating arm lifts up and down 00:33
5 Battle rope double arm lifts up and down 00:33
6 Battle rope alternate arm lifts up and down with alternating reverse lunge 00:35
7 Battle rope arm circles internal rotation 00:33
8 Battle rope arm circles external rotation 00:32
9 Wide stance squats with corebag 00:35
10 Squat, bicep curl & shoulder press with corebag 00:47
11 Alternating lunge back, external rotation with corebag 00:33
12 Single arm chest press right 00:32
13 Single arm chest press left 00:31
14 Turkish get ups Right 00:41
15 Turkish get ups left 00:47