World Wide Splitters Warm Up

Ashleigh Wilson

About this workout

This challenge is going to push your body to the max, make sure you treat it with respect and warm up before stretching!

$39.99HKD month

Exercises in this workout

Exercise Duration
1 Jogging on the spot 00:33
2 Jumping Jacks 00:37
3 Scissor Jumps 00:33
4 Squat Step Outs Alternating 00:33
5 Right Lunge Knee Dips 00:45
6 Left Lunge Knee Dips 00:36
7 Squat with rotation to touch opposite foot 00:39
8 Side lunge with rotation to touch opposite foot 00:42
9 Dynamic Pike Stretches 00:50
10 Straddle Pendulum Stretch 00:48