Double the Fun Partner Workout 1

Primal Fitness

Pull Waist Sagittal plane Low Impact Grass
About this workout

Workouts are fun, but a workout with a partner is double the fun. This workout is simple and easy to do as it is entirely body weight exercises. Grab a friend and give it a try!

Exercises in this workout

Exercise Duration
1 Partner Seated Row 00:33
2 Partner Prone frontal walk in and out 00:41
4 Partner sagital crab walk with feet touch in & out 00:36
5 Partner towel hold and tricep pulldown 00:35
6 Partner towel hold single arm row right 00:35
7 Partner Prone Plank hold & sit ups 00:33
8 Partner Prone hold with alternate shoulder touch 00:35
9 Partner hold alternate squat thrusts and sit ups 00:35
10 Partner feet hold squat 00:36
11 Partner Upright angle plank hold with alternate arm press 00:36
12 Partner squat alternate hand claps 00:37
13 Partner assisted sit up and stand 00:37
14 Partner torso twist squat and double hand claps 00:40
15 Partner bunny hop and crawl over prone postition 00:40