David Sinclair

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David Sinclair
I’ve been a full time Personal Trainer since 1997 with an overwhelming desire to show people that becoming fitter and healthier doesn’t have to be repetitive and boring but can actually be fun. My speciality is helping people move better, so what does that mean for you? Moving better means anything from recovering to full fitness after injury, alleviating the stiff and sore joints after a day of sitting in front of a computer, being able to play and run after your children or grandchildren, having much better balance, enjoying an active pastime like gardening or making a significant difference to your sporting performance. Of course, moving better also means you become fitter and can burn more calories to help you lose weight. At one extreme, my “obsession” with movement has helped clients in their 70s and 80s lead more active lives and aided people’s recovery from injury at any age. At the other extreme, I’ve helped people improve the performance of their chosen sport at amateur club level right up to national level. In between these extremes are people of all ages and fitness levels.


Each workout is designed to suit your specific needs so whether that’s a very gentle start for your first dip into becoming fit or a full on, heart pumping, sweat inducing experience, I will design it to suit. Time is precious for everyone and to be successful your workout certainly has to be effective but also has to fit in with your lifestyle. I will vary the length of a workout to match the time you have available.

What to Bring

Enthusiasm, a willingness to learn, a sense of humour and above all, consistency. Improvements will only happen when you regularly practice your exercises and the sense of achievement you get when you feel and see the improvements is so rewarding! Any exercise equipment you have can be utilised within your workout if it fits in with your goals.