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Gary Garbutt
Firstly thanks for dropping by, are you bored with the same lunges and squat rountine or burpees ladder. Finding it hard to get a fun and varied CARDIO session in, that keeps you buzzing for sometime. I have that right here for you, combining combat drills with simple body weight drills which will send you into that CARDIO range. Shown with technique and a great music playlist to keep you pumping through your workout. Who am i ? well that"s easy my name is GARY originally from the UK and now living in China with over 25 years in the fitness industry. I can relate to your wish to become fitter and trimmer after this lockdown period, teaching group fitness is fun but teaching 1 2 1 takes me to another level. Having completed several seminars and written my very own coaches manual , for future boxing coaches in China. Technique and safety is important to me, reaching your GOALs is also important to me. Accountability and constistency is the key i hear all the time, like you i have days when things get in the way . The gym is the last place i can get to, so with my workouts you can do them from the hotel room or the comfort of your own home. Lets get those goals and aims smashed with some great workouts . Having been a striking coach for UFC tristar member Arnold Allen and several Chinese sanda based fighters aswell as a superstar in the female MMA world in Brazil. I bring that knowledge to the table when programming different clients for different aims and goals. Get in touch soon and take your fitness to another level.............. to be continued. I am a Hatton Elite Boxing Coach and Level 3 Personal trainer. Course designer and coaching manual writer in China for young coaches starting on there Fitness Pro journey.


No matter if your young or old, fit or unfit. I have a workout that's both fun and engaging, for all levels. From beginner striker to BJJ competition entree or just the guy like me that hates lifting weights but needs to shed a Kilo or two or lady for that matter. Stress builds up with our lives, but soon fades away when your in the ZONE.

What to Bring

Just you and a willingness to try new things , some workout's use a bag but if you don't have one its OK. You still get the workout that gets results.