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Steven Bonthrone Monthly Online Personal Training

£39.99 / month

The best online solution for exercise and workout playlists.

  • Access to Steven Bonthrone online
  • Over 3,000 individual exercise video clips
  • Drag & drop to create your own bespoke workouts
  • Responsive to tablet & phones
  • Health & fitness knowledge
  • Specialist in Running Coaching
  • Tailored specifically for you and your goals
  • Video calls and email support
  • Activity Calendar



Health transformation by

Steven Bonthrone

What sets them apart

Real knowledge on running, training from beginner to marathon completer.


Perth, Scotland

Why they became a Trainer

“The desire to help other people to achieve their goals. I ran a marathon so thought that if i could do it, anyone can. I try to inspire people to do things that they previously thought was impossible.”

You will

Be able to train in the gym, at home, or whilst enjoying the outdoors.  Gain an increased knowledge of exercises and have workouts which can be fun as well as rewarding.

Provided for you

Direct access to Steven through his online Training group.  You will receive a new workout every month to help build up your expanding library which is linked to your initial goals.

Satisfied clients

“Working with Steve was like counselling sometimes. He varied the sessions based on my ability and interest. He took me out running and the most important session was walking up Moncrieffe Hill. I said to Steve I feel like myself again during that session. He gave me a couple of tools to use when I was struggling with exercise and motivation. I found the sessions hard at times but never out with my ability, just pushing at my ability. He’s not one of these trainers who’ll shout or belittle you, not at all.

The one greatest result from working with Steve was the increase in my confidence, I hadn’t realised how low it was but having achieved so much with him, I felt mentally lighter and proud of myself. It wasn’t a goal we were working on but it made the biggest difference to me.”

Marion, Perth.

“I had been running for a few years and not making much progress. Then I met Steve and after following his advice for just a few months I took 4mins off my 10k time. I feel stronger, fitter and am now training for my first marathon, something I wouldn’t have considered in the past, but with Steve’s help I know is achievable”

Julia, Scotland.

“I have gone from an uncomfortable 12 to an uncomfortable 10. That’s a dress size down! I don’t really weigh myself as I become obsessed. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my skin, I don’t feel the need to shovel on loads of make-up anymore!

The sessions have given me the motivation I was definitely lacking. If I hadn’t started, I’d be procrastinating and putting the gym off, not eating the right stuff and still drinking 4 cans of diet coke a day!! My other half has been really impressed with how dedicated I’ve been with eating lots of protein and veg, drinking more water and the circuit training 3 times a week. I have 3 kids and it’s been easy to follow although we do still tend to eat ice cream or cake after tea but not as much for me now!

Having these sessions, the knowledge and the support has been a life/waistline saver for me. Thank you!!”

Victoria, Perth.


If you have a prior injury or ailment always seek initial medical advice before beginning any exercise programme.

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