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Pinkbelt Kickboxing 1-2-1 Course by Simon Caddy


  • 12 personal (1-2-1) coaching sessions with me, Simon Caddy
  • 12 home workouts to complete
  • Online materials including videos of techniques to help you progress faster
  • Nutritional guidance (not a diet, but education on how to eat healthier and fuel your body to perform better)
  • As much guidance and support as you want or need from me across the whole course via whatsapp or phone calls
  • A Kickboxer t-shirt sent to your home address
  • A welcome pack full of instructions
  • Upon completion of the course you have an assessment where you can receive your very own pinkbelt, certificate and nationally recognised registration as a kickboxer that you can take to any club for further progression should you so wish.


A unique opportunity that is just for Women. What ever your age or body type, whether you’re a gym junkie or have never trained before this programme is for you.

You will join me on a journey where you will learn amazing Martial Art’s skills, improve your fitness, sculpt your body shape, decrease your stress levels, increase your energy levels, feel great, look great and so much more.

You will also become a registered Kickboxer when you receive your Pinkbelt!  This is an amazing opportunity for you because it is endorsed by one of the best Kickboxing associations in the world AND we donate to charity with every purchase.

The course is “self paced”; you tell me how many sessions per week we are doing and we book them in to ensure your desired slot is available.  Ideally you complete the sessions over 12 weeks but some have done this all in as little as 4 weeks.

Great Global Trainer

We know now that the muscle does not drive the body but is a slave to movement, so our exercises are much more advanced and our library much more comprehensive. So with this in mind healthclubTV is at the forefront of training, yes you will find the old fashioned bench press, squat and lunge but also more advanced 3 dimensional exercises based on biomechanics and real movement.

About me

I have been an active part of the fitness industry since I first qualified in 1999, and I am always looking for ways to improve myself which in turn helps all my clients.  I have worked for local authorities, private health clubs, national fitness club chains and even fitness education providers.  I have a wealth of experience in the fitness industry, in the way the body functions and even how the mind works.  I am not saying I am a rocket scientist or that I know everything, but I am sure I can help you and get you the results you want and deserve.  If you have a prior injury or ailment always seek initial medical advice before beginning any exercise programme, and please keep me informed of the injury and your recovery so we can programme around it.

Sign up today and let’s get started on your results to look great on your big day.