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Health transformation by

Alison Graham

What sets them apart

For me the name personal trainer is very much about being personal.  I love training clients and my sessions are focused around that person, their goals, desires and skills. I love it when my clients can do so much more than they thought they could…..and that can be a true game changer for them.

As a late starter to the fitness industry from 2006, Alison fully understands getting fitter over 40.  In fact she became a personal trainer herself after giving up smoking and losing weight, finding this had a massive impact on her asthma and general day to day living.  Alison promotes making yourself number 1, that doesn’t mean that nothing else is important but that you must look after yourself if you are to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Alison continues with education and keeping abreast of new research, industry goals with a focus on obesity and diabetes, along with asthma.  She is an educator with Faster Global and one of their top mentors.  She is passionate about a health and fitness and sharing this with both her clients and trainers coming into the industry.


North London, England

Why they became a Trainer

I get great enjoyment and feel great when I exercise and I wanted to share that with more people, so I became a PT. I want the world to feel great.

You will

Be able to train in the gym, at home or whilst enjoying the outdoors.  Gain an increased knowledge of exercises, workouts which can be fun as well as rewarding.

Provided for you

Direct access to Alison through her online Training group.  You will receive a new workout every month to help build up your expanding library which is linked to your initial goals.

Satisfied clients

“The process of working with Alison has been very enjoyable – I achieved the results that I wanted and Alison always made sure that I challenged myself.”
Jenny, Finsbury Park

“My biggest concerns were finding the time and also whether it would be value for money. I do find the time and it is definitely value for money”
Liz, Crouch End

“Clothes are feeling quite a bit more baggy and exercise is starting to feel a bit easier and also the fact that we are working every week and getting steady results will mean that the changes will be long term!”
Sharon, London

“Alison is very motivational and knowledgeable in her subject and has not let me off the hook which is great when you have goals to reach.”
Alison, Tunbridge

“Within weeks I saw my body shape change for the better and started walking up escalators at tube stations and running for buses. My clothes were suddenly too big, and my back problems went away. I began to enjoy exercise.”
Kate, Islington

If you have a prior injury or ailment always seek initial medical advice before beginning any exercise programme.

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