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Obstacle Runners Fitness Boosters Plan


1st hand experience taking part in obstacle races.

Fun workouts linked to improving your fitness to take part in any up and coming obstacle race.

Access to an online training group of individuals with the same goals as you.


Health transformation by

Arron Reed

What sets them apart

My experience and knowledge of obstacle racing, making exercise fun and bespoke to your goals.


Norwich, Norfolk.

Why they became a Trainer

“I have always had a passion for fitness and science of the body, so becoming a trainer was a logical step for me to helping others reach their goals”

You will

Be able to train in the gym, at home and outdoors.  Gain an increased knowledge of exercises and have workouts specific to your sport which you use to boost your performance safely and efficiently.

Provided for you

Direct access to Arron through his online training group.  A new workout every month to help build up your expanding library which is linked to your initial goals.

Satisfied Clients

“Arrons sessions are diverse and challenging, exactly what i need for my sport and to up my game.” Josh

“Arrons depth of knowledge has really helped me gain a better understanding of what i need to focus on and has improved my running no end, highly recommend” Luke.

If you have a prior injury or ailment always seek initial medical advice before beginning any exercise programme.