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Five Star Fitness – 3 min feel good stretch


Easy warm up workout to get you moving, give it a go!


Health transformation by

David Sinclair

What sets them apart

David is a personal trainer with more than 20 years experience of training clients, having started Five Star Fitness in February 1997. For around 15 years before becoming a personal trainer he enjoyed spending hours of his spare time in a gym experiencing every available type of exercise from body building to aerobics.  Now, he draws on that experience to help his clients transform their fitness and body shape to achieve the results they want.

David says, “When it comes to job satisfaction, there’s nothing better than seeing a client transform in front of you. Whether it’s achieving the shape they want, hearing about their success in their sport or simply being able to move with ease and perform everyday tasks that were once difficult.”

Experience is important but knowledge is also crucial. David has moved far beyond his initial Personal Trainer qualification, adding many additional training courses as well as keeping abreast of new research to ensure his clients benefit from the very latest methods. Qualifying as a FASTER Trainer has made the biggest difference to his knowledge and training methods. Understanding the effects of every movement and being able to devise a limitless amount of exercises means a client never needs to get bored by repetitive exercises and they can be tailored to the unique way they move.


Glasgow, Scotland

Why they became a Trainer

“In my previous stressful career I would finish at night and head straight to the gym to exercise. Apart from the fitness and health benefits I’d come home feeling energised and free from the stress of a day’s work. I’d then suffer another day at work before rushing back to the gym. Other gym members would often ask me for advice on exercise rather than trying to find a staff member and I realised how much I really enjoyed helping them. I’m now, Living the Dream!”

You will

Be able to train in the gym, at home, or whilst enjoying the outdoors.  An easy to follow warm up workout you can do in under 5 minutes.

Provided for you

A workout in full HD quality showing real time exercises you can not only watch but follow every minute.

Satisfied clients

I instantly found results, dropping around 20 pounds in under 2 months.  I also follow a home program which has given me further confidence.  Chris, Coatbridge

David and Caroline provide a very welcoming enviroment where they look after you.  Highly recommended. Leanne, Grffnock

Well done for putting up with my moaning and pushing me on, i would never manage this on my own.  Carole, Griffnock

I was on medication for osteoporosis before i started with David and now i no longer have to take medication.  Alma, Thorntonhall


If you have a prior injury or ailment always seek initial medical advice before beginning any exercise programme.


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