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Alex Paul – Fat Loss at Home Personal Training Plan

£24.99 / month

What is the package all about?

  • Would you like to start losing body fat in the comfort of your own home?
  • Without having to go to the gym?
  • Without the need for lots of equipment?
  • Then this is the plan for you to allow you to achieve your very own fat loss at home!

A routine to follow in order to achieve your  very own fat loss.  It includes nutritional advice, which I find is one of the biggest barriers preventing people from losing body fat.  There is lots of helpful tricks and tips to swapping non-healthy foods with healthier options.  You will be given support along the way including chat and discussions, allowing you to ask any specific questions in relation to nutrition and the workouts themselves.


What will I receive?

Each week you will receive a new set of workouts to follow that will keep your training fresh, fun and exciting.  The real time digital workouts will guide you through each exercise in order to complete safely and effectively.  With the healthclubTV platform being like nothing else, you can copy the playlist, then if there is an exercise you would like to swap you can simply drag and drop and add in your favourite to the playlist, just like you do with your music downloads. The workouts are planned to run for around 20 minutes which allows you to fit them easily into a busy schedule of daily life. The exercises themselves are designed to be high intensity interval training to get both your heart racing and muscles working all at the same time, making workouts more efficient than other programmes.  


What will I achieve?

This plan will not only help you strip body fat you will also see results with:

  • Clothing will fit better as you drop sizes.
  • Higher amounts of energy throughout the day and better sleep patterns.
  • Increased levels of self confidence.
  • An overall improved physique from top to toe that others will see.
  • What you see as a better, fitter and healthier life will start to become the norm.

By following these workouts, taking advantage of the ongoing support, joining in with the group chats you will begin to enjoy the challenging exercises as you start reaping the rewards. 


Your Fat Loss Home Personal Training Plan

  • A minimum of three new exciting digital exercise workouts a month. 
  • Complete each of the workouts just once a week you will start to see results in the first 90 days!   
  • The plan is flexible allowing you to customise your workout schedule and increase on a weekly basis. 
  • Nutritional advice at every step of the programme with online support to aid your fat loss. 
  • Group discussion with people just like you on the same journey sharing expeirences.
  • Every month there will be coaching calls to keep you on track.

Meet the Trainer

Alex has years of experience working in the Health and Fitness Industry helping lots of different clients to lose weight and improve their health, making them look and feel better. With a degree in sports coaching, Faster Global qualifications in Neural Notching, Advanced Functional Trainer coupled with a good range of experience allows him to help all clients achieve their goals and aspirations.

If you have a prior injury or ailment always seek initial medical advice before beginning any exercise programme.  If you would like further information on the above Fat Loss Home Personal Training Plan or any other packages on offer then please get in touch;

Instagram : alex_paul_fitness_coach

Facebook : AlexPaulFitnessCoach