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6 month Begin Fitness with Rich Kingston

£9.99 / month

Would getting a†firmer slimmer body, improving your†health, feeling less tired and sleeping better be good for you?

Concerned about your health and wellbeing but don’t either know ;

  • How to start?
  • Don’t have the confidence in what you’re doing?

Expert help and support with;

  • Weekly workout videos for you to follow.
  • Facebook link up every week to discuss any issues with your exercise and chat with others on their journey.

Warning: You may need to go shopping for a new wardrobe as your clothes will become looser.


Who is this package for?

You are concerned about your health and wellbeing but don’t either know how to start, or don’t have the confidence in what you’re doing. The health benefits of exercise are now irrefutable, helping with glucose control to offset type two diabetes, improve cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve bone density, the list is endless. This 6 month package will take you through an easy to follow set of workouts that will challenge you just enough every step of the way, with enough leeway for you to up, or lower the intensity as you need to. Whole body, two or three times a week with a new workout each week. As your ability to exercise well improves, so the workouts will become tougher with exercises designed to challenge you further.

This 6 month fitness package is here to guide you through those first months and help you to start making a difference.

What are the benefits of this 6 month package?

You will feel more in control, feel your self-confidence rising and other people will notice too. †When you begin to look after yourself there is something that changes and you begin to sparkle, you canít stop it, it just happens.

You will have a firmer slimmer body, your markers for good health will improve, you’ll feel less tired, be sleeping better and you may even need a new wardrobe as your clothes all become looser.

Your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-belief will begin to soar. †Itís only too late if you donít start now.

What will I receive?

Each week you will receive a workout video for you to follow, and a half hour facebook link up to discuss any issues with your exercise.

Each workout will be around 20 minutes and a warm up of light aerobic activity (5 mins or so) is advised. It is your workout and fitness so get involved and get your results.

What will I achieve?

After 6 months your body will have changed shape, your waist will be slimmer, you will be better and more confident at exercising and you can look forward to feeling better than ever and being a regular exerciser.

  • Feeling better, fitter and healthier life will start to become the norm.
  • Your clothes will fit better.
  • More energy throughout the day and improved†sleep patterns.
  • Increased levels of self confidence, self-esteem, and self-belief.
  • An improved physique from top to toe that others will see.

Follow the workouts and watch the videos and enjoy feeling better.

Your 6 month Fitness†Plan

  • Weekly workouts to follow
  • Weekly facebook chat to discuss any training questions.

Follow the plan and get your results, this time is THE RIGHT TIME!

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