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USA PRO Boxing for Fun by Angela Hancock


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Health transformation by

Angela Hancock, Bust-A-Rut

What sets them apart

Fitness is a vital component of health and above all else, should be fun. My aim is to focus people on becoming healthier, stronger and leaner, to banish the scales and use the tape measure and how good people feel as the best progress checks.

I love body weight exercises, HIIT and the cable machine for it’s versatility.


Hong Kong

Why they became a Trainer

I became a fitness professional because I love watching people transform, both physically and mentally. The return of confidence and a can-do attitude is so very powerful and makes what I do so fulfilling.

You will

Feel better about yourself, have much more energy and your clothes will fit easily.

Provided for you

You get access to all my great online Boxing for Fun workout video you can follow and enjoy at home or outdoors, train with a partner for added motivation.


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