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Golf Specific Workout by Jo Groves


The best online solution for exercise and workout playlists since iTunes revolutionised music downloads.

  • A community supporting your goals.
  • Feel stronger, fitter, healthy and more mobile.
  • Strategies to help you succeed.

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Health transformation by

Joanne Groves

What sets them apart

My energy and ability to connect with my clients helping them to understand what they really want to achieve.


Wimbledon, London

Why they became a Trainer

“I have always been an enthusiastic energy provider that loves to make moving fun . With this passion and Faster Principles I help others achieve their fitness goals and movement potential through both skill development and performance.”

You will

– Discover achievable exercises to improve your golf.

– Participate in fun, motivating online workouts.

– Become part of a community to help support your goals.

– Begin to feel stronger, fitter, healthy and more mobile.

Provided for you

A workout that will help towards your goals of playing better golf.

Satisfied clients

Sessions are always hard work and loads of fun! Jo is so supportive and encouraging whilst giving expert advice and helping me achieve my goals. Absolutely brilliant :) Becca, Wimbledon 

Joanne Groves is Wonder Woman , she has helped me so much to overcome my pain. She has never judged me, always supported me and I am stronger because of the way she has worked ‘with’ me.  She is the most amazing, strong, talented best woman out there in the industry. She is always personable, makes you feel safe and LISTENS to you. Thank you for always being there for me xxxxx Lexington, Wimbledon 


If you have a prior injury or ailment always seek initial medical advice before beginning any exercise programme.

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