Gail Emms MBE Online Workouts

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The best online solution for exercise and workout playlists since iTunes revolutionised music downloads.

  • Access to Gail Emms MBE and her online workouts
  • Over 4,000 individual exercise video clips
  • Drag & drop to create your own bespoke workouts
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Health transformation by

Gail Emms

What sets them apart

My energy, positivity, and enthusiasm for helping my clients be the best they can be.  The fact that i have proven to be a winner on the world stage as an Olympic silver medallist 2004 in badminton.


Milton Keynes, England

Why they became a Trainer

Since retiring from elite sport, having 2 children and living in the REAL world, I know how hard it is to find the time to keep on top of exercising and looking after your body.  My love for quick 30 mins of quality exercises keeps up the variety and helps make the sessions fun and exciting!

You will

Be able to train ANYWHERE – in the gym, at home, or whilst enjoying the outdoors!  You will learn new exercises, fun workouts which can be done at any level, from beginner to advanced.

Provided for you

Direct access to Gail through her online Training group.  You will receive a new workout every month to help build up your expanding library which is linked to your initial goals.

Satisfied clients

“Gail always brings 100% to her workout sessions and helps others do the same.  It’s not about being the next Olympian, it’s about working hard for your body whilst enjoying the journey.”  Riley.


If you have a prior injury or ailment always seek initial medical advice before beginning any exercise programme.