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Cherron Lee Johnson Online Workouts

USD4.99 / month

The best online solution for exercise and workout playlists since iTunes revolutionised music downloads.

  • Access to Cherron Johnson’s online workouts
  • Thousands of individual exercise video clips
  • Drag & drop to create your own bespoke workouts
  • Responsive to tablet & phones



You will…

You will feel graceful, aligned, toned and empowered by these exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home, in the gym, or when travelling. On top of that, you’ll have fun!


Provided for you…

Access to Cherron’s online workouts, bringing you exercises to build your own individual workout to suit your personal needs.



South East London, United Kingdom


Why Cherron became a trainer

Cherron has worked with thousands of clients in classes, workshops, privately, and at retreats. Cherron is in her 50s and want to inspire others and remind them that age is nothing but a number and it’s never too late to just start!


What sets Cherron apart

Cherron is a Pilates Teacher and a Well-Being Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Author, blogger, Speaker, Mummy and more; with a passion for helping you love the skin you’re in.


She has more than 27 years experience in the fitness industry and since 2008 her focus has been Pilates. She loves to help people to step up, walk taller, become more poised, confident and feel elegantly empowered.


Cherron has also trained with Rachel Holmes in Fitness Pilates. This is a more contemporary approach to pilates exploring working more creatively.


Joseph Pilates believed that maneuvering with ease, flow and grace in your body would transcend into other areas of your life too. Cherron believes we have infinite potential and should follow our own passion and pursue our dreams. “And when you find your own rhythm and flow you are happier, and I definately want to live in a world full of happy people,” she says.


Satisfied clients

“How do I feel after a Pilates session with Cherron? I feel taller, more aligned more fluid, grounded, connected, my shoulders down, tension relieved, more at one in my body, and happy, yes happy.”

Juliet Aubrey, 51, BAFTA Award-Winning Actor

“I absolutely love working with Cherron. Her approach is so much about connection to your body and I always come away feeling that much more graceful and strong. Highly recommended!”

Denise Prentice, Copywriter

“Cherron has helped me to connect more to my body and feel empowered. This has fuelled my desire and confidence to want to be a great mover on the dance floor and play all the great female roles!”

Louise Brealey, 38 Actor – Molly in Sherlock Holmes


If you have a prior injury or ailment always seek initial medical advice before beginning any exercise programme.