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Alison Graham – Trufit Circuit #3 of 5 (Cardio)


Training Under Tension Training is for everyone. †These exercises can be performed by anyone as long as you have had clearance from your doctor to exercise.

Remember to work within your skill and stop if you feel pain

This is small example of how I work with clients on an online platform, I have more in depth personalised programmes available.


About Alison and Feeling Fantastic over Forty

I have over ten years experience in the fitness industry and a personal trainer since 2007.

I have had my own excess weight struggles and know that over 40 it can become harder, but it can be done and I can help you. †Iím not one to give in to the struggles, as a child I developed asthma but it never stopped me doing what I wantedÖ.I just had to find my way of doing it. †And that tenacity got me through 3 London marathons too.

Itís that consistency and belief that I use to help my clients achieve their fitness goals and dreamsÖ..and they do!

Feel free to get in touch to talk about your fitness goals and dreams